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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Faery Ink DT Submission

Well hello y'all,

It has been awhile since I applied to be on a design team but its time to take something on with a little zest and ping!!  I was looking for a DT call and came across Faery Ink...well the cute name alone would pull me in. If you have a minute and go check out the DT Call  for yourself.   I have been a lover of all things fae for many years.....and years.....and years...well let's not exaggerate too much.....I'm not that old...... I can remember building a fairy house when I was 7 or 8 and watched everyday to make sure the fairies and gnomes had a place to live when I was away at school or sleeping....alas I digress.....back to the regular scheduled programing.

Well let me tell you if you  are looking for some cute and whimsical stamps or something with a little twist definitely check out Amanda's (owner of Faery Ink) blog here. There really is a wicked bunch a stuff going on....its a busy place.  I found my image for Mixed media project here.  There is about 10 different images there to choose from.

Anywhooooooo.....I have never used Pan Pastels and decided to give them a whirl!  WHAT FUN- oh my gosh the back ground was completed in about 25 seconds as far as vibrant color goes.  Then I moved along into sealing the pastels- I put some Golden gel medium on my Gelli plate and just allowed the paper to sit on top for a few minutes so it could soak the gel up.  After it dried then I used a Hexagon Stencil from Crafters Workshop and zentangled to my little hearts content.  I, like many mixed media artists adore Golden and I have not gotten a chance to use the newly found liquid ink so Round 2 for new things- dribbles and splotches a great success!  I used yellow and teal both colors found in the background.  I added a few embellies like the butterflies, a few ink splotches in the opposite corner for balance and called that good- plus by that time I was covered in ink, goop and such and felt maybe a handwashing might be of use.

I turned to the main image next.  I started with Caren D'Ache crayons- I mean really if you have not tried these puppies out they are an absolute must- ADORE them!  (side not: Dear Santa, can I have the full set of these crayons?  A grown child who still believes)   I added acrylic and watercolor pencils (Derwent Inktense) to get the various shades.  I loved the bee in the hair and also the "bee hive" hair doo so as I was creating and some stuff I did lately and thought.....I am still myself no matter what so the title was born "BEE YOURSELF"- really you can't be anyone but yourself but be the most like yourself as you can.  Like many mixed media artists its all about the mess.....lol.  I added come quick copic blending for the wings to transition from blue to pink. 

I used gel medium on the image to paste it down.  I allowed it to dry at lest 2 days before attempting anything else as there were many layers that were on the layout.  I used a Sharpie fine tip to add the lines back into the main image.  When all was dry to add the third element to draw the eye I added some flowers and I really didn't want the fairy to be floating around with nothing to ground her....its all perspective....lol.  I thought her wings needed a little something so they got a good coat of diamond dust and I pretty much finished off on that point. 

So after a long winded explanation of what I did to come up with my unorganized thoughts- this is the end product.  I also added some pearls to her hair because she just looked like a fairy who could rock the classy yet a little attitude included....lol

A little bit about me is simple- I was a teacher, I am a wife, I am a mother (to one little sweet girl- age 5- she is my pride and joy.  I can't think of anything else I have every loved more than her), I am super chatty and if there is anything else you wanna know ask- I'm open to anything:)  As far as what I like to use- anything that allows me to work while having fun- I love all mediums- watercolor, acrylic, pencils, crayons, paint, ink, glue, scissors......whooooo I just had a artflash.....too many supplies need to cool off....

well that's all folks
happy craftin' y'all